Our Story

Recording artist Kirby Hamilton, Jr. aka "PHUNKPLAYAH"  has brought the high energy "Ol Skool" Funk flavor of the 70's, 80's 90's and beyond....taken the sounds of The Mothership, Prince, Zapp & Roger, and the influence of many other "funksters" from the past and present...... and applied a spiritual uplifting message of God's word, and presented it to the masses. He has done this through his entertainment and production company IGB-ENTERTAINMENT. The bio below will give you more insight on this artist as it pertains to his past, present, and future.

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IGB-Entertainment is the newest and most innovative form of live entertainment sweeping the southeast region. Specializing in “GFM” (Grown Folks Music,) this unique brand of entertainment covers the eras of seventies, eighties, and early nineties FUNK, R&B, and Contemporary Jazz. Depending on the need, they have also been known to heat up things in the Funk Rock, Contemporary Gospel venues, and even some churches. Founded by Kirby L. Hamilton, Jr. (aka “Phunkplayah”), IGB brings the heat to the thirty-eight plus demographic and because of their marketing strategy and personnel, they are able to provide music and entertainment for any and every age group in attendance. IGB’s line-up is as follows: PHUNKPLAYAH : High energy "ONE MAN BAND" show with the sound of a full eight piece band. FUNK – Classic R&B - Contemporary Jazz The FACULTY (backup band if budget allows) also allows you to have two separate forms of live entertainment “PHUNKPLAYAH” will bring NON STOP music to your entertainment needs. Long sets and minimum down time….. unless requested. Other things that separate IGB from other bands or entertainment groups is that they might even give the audience a chance to win cash and prizes while having the time of their life. Kirby L. Hamilton, Jr.  has been extremely active in the music industry for over thirty-five years on stage, behind the stage, and in the studeio. He has recorded with such names as “Brick”, known for platinum seventies hits such as “Daze”,”Dusic”, “Ain’t Gone Hurt Nobody” just to name a few. He has also recorded with the master hit maker Dr. Dre’ and performed on Snoop Doggy Dog’s multi-platinum CD “Doggystyle” along with the first two videos “What’s My Name” and “Gin and Juice”. In the early eighties he released his own LP that made it to Billboard’s Pick of The Week along with names such as Chaka Khan and Curtis Mayfield. He has also produced various up and coming Black and Latino Hip-Hop artists. Just recently he started on his own "Ol Skool" Funk CD......Contemporary Smooth Jazz--Jazz Funk CD (CDBaby--"ISOLATED") and this site contains songs from his new upcoming Gospel CD. He has taken the sound (talkbox) from one of his major influences Roger Troutman, and kept it alive in his recordings, and live performances. This website gives you a taste of Kirby Hamilton, Jr....."PHUNKPLAYAH'S" alter ego. As GOD continues to have this spirit under construction, we hope you enjoy this project, and many blessings to you as you listen......"TELL A FRIEND"!!      2GOD-B-The Glory !

**** (This bio will be updated in the very near future)